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What are the most collectible masks?

The original cotton shroud glow-in-dark masks from the 90s that we cover on our website are fan favorites. This era is considered a golden age by many with some of the most memorable and celebrated designs, products, and packaging. Some collectors enjoy masks from earlier and later decades, but they are less common in our collector community.

Is my mask by Fun World or Easter Unlimited?

Fun World is the Halloween division of their parent company, Easter Unlimited Inc. They are one in the same. All Halloween items no matter their stamp are made by Fun World. Production sculpts made in the early 90s were stamped "Fun World Div" under the chin, while sculpts made in the mid 90s and later used the parent company "Easter Unlimited Inc".

How can I find vintage masks?

Most vintage masks are found second hand on online markets like eBay using common search terms like "fun world mask", "ghost mask", "easter unlimited mask", etc. Some lucky collectors even find them at thrift stores and garage sales around the Halloween season. You can
 also find masks for sale in our collector community on Facebook.

What year is my mask from?

We do our best to date designs accurately on our website, but your mask may not have been manufactured that specific year just because it's when it debuted. One of the most common indicators of era is shroud type. If it has a cotton shroud it may be from 1992-1997. If it has a polyester shroud it may be from 1997 onward.

What is my mask worth?

Value isn't set in stone. We have a suggested price guide on our Blog, though we recommend coming to your own assessments by checking recent sales or asking for offers if you are unsure.

Is my mask "Fantastic" or "Fearsome"?

Rather than identify masks by a tag moniker, we prefer to describe them by their shroud type (i.e. "cotton shroud" or "poly shroud"). Typically when people call a mask "Fantastic" they mean cotton shroud and "Fearsome" polyester. However, shroud type tells much more about era since tag monikers have some overlap and complexity that makes it unreliable. They are afterall the same products with material and quality changes over the years - not distinct lines or releases. Read more on our Blog about why identifying masks by tag name is outdated and no longer in practice.

What's the difference between cotton and polyester shrouds?

Cotton is a thicker organic fiber that feels similar to a t-shirt. It was featured on masks from 1992-1997. The tassels on cotton shrouded masks often curl over time. Polyester is a synthetic silky material featured on masks from 1997 onward.

What "Gen" is my mask?

Gen 1 and Gen 2 are terms common in the Scream community, though both "types" have lineage to the original sculptures. Because they derive from the same sculpts they are essentially similar masks of subtle difference. The difference is more important to Scream collectors looking for mask types featured in the films, but for Fun World collectors its more useful to train your eye for characteristics and qualities you enjoy. We have a guide to help understand the differences between 'Weeping' ghost mask types but the other characters haven't been analyzed as closely. "Gen 2" can be thought of as additional production molds made to boost Fun World's output in the mid 90s. Most polyester shrouded masks are Gen 2, as well as most fluorescents ghosts with eyeliner paint.

What does "MK" or "HN" mean?

To boost production of their catalog, Fun World used multiple factories to manufacture their masks. Initials like (MK) and (HN) signify which alternate factory they were made in. Factory variants are considered less valuable to their standard counterparts for their inferior sculptures and quality. Other stamps include (T), (TD), and (N).

What is the classic "vanilla smell"?

Pthalates are a chemical additive that were used in the production of PVC that have a chemically vanilla fragrance to them. If you owned vinyl Fun World masks in the late 90s or 00s this smell is probably nostalgic. Unfortunately pthalates have been banned in most countries due to medical side effects. Today, Fun World uses a different non-pthalate vanilla fragrance with more of a 'cupcake' aroma on their modern masks.

Why don't you have more Scream items on your website?

There are many great Scream & Ghost Face collector groups and websites to identify licensed merchandise. Our website is dedicated to a broader scope of Fun World's vintage Halloween offerings. We do cover some Scream related items relevant to the period our primary subject resides, but we prefer to limit our Scream coverage to give space to the many great character designs collectors celebrate today. That said, we have additional useful Scream content on our blog including guides for identifying Ghost Face mask types, masks worn in the Scream films, and a suggested price guide.

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