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Product image; original property of Fun World / Easter Unlimited, Inc. c. 1996

The #9209 - Glow-in-the-Dark Phantom Masks with Shroud featured more humanistic features that evolved from the simplicity of previous lines with more definition. They feature blue shadowing. The initial line was comprised of the 'Lurch', 'Vampira', 'Old' Phantom, and 'Vampire' phantoms, with the 'Alien' phantom soon to follow. As most Fun World masks were produced, these started with cotton shrouds and transitioned to polyester in the late 90s. Some phantom designs were used for products such as the #8919 - Glow in the Dark Mask with Droop Collar, #9219 - Instant Disguise Mask & Cape costume, and #9223 - All-in-One Ghost Mask & Gown costume.


'Lurch' Phantom


'Vampira' Phantom

Old Phantom.jpeg

'Old' Phantom


'Vampire' Phantom


'Alien' Phantom

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