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Product image; original property of Fun World / Easter Unlimited, Inc. c. 1996

The skull masks were another popular assortment, cataloged as #9205 - Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Mask with Shroud. This line featured black cotton shrouds in the early 90s transitioned to a stretchier polyester around 1997. The working names are not known, so the following are defined as reference by fans. The initial line included the 'R.I.P', 'Bloody Mouth', 'Yellow Teeth', and 'Vampire' skulls. Later additions include the 'R.I.P. II' and 'Fanged' skulls. All of these designs have been found on both header card styles, Fantastic Faces (with cotton shrouds) and Fearsome Faces (with polyester shrouds). The 'R.I.P. II' skull was also used for products such as the #8919 - Glow in the Dark Mask with Droop Collar and #9219 - Instant Disguise Mask & Cape costume, among other later skull mask designs.


'R.I.P.' Skull


'Bloody Mouth' Skull


'Yellow Teeth' Skull


'Vampire' Skull

RIP 2.jpg

'R.I.P. II' Skull


'Fanged' Skull

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