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Was "Splotch" Used in Scream?

Identifying masks that were used in Scream (1996) can be difficult for many reasons. Among them, the similarity of Fun World Div stamped mask types create a challenging and nuanced differentiation by collectors (read more on our Comprehensive Identification Guide). While KNB and Gen 1 mask types have traditionally been the only type recognized from the film, I believe we may finally be able to confirm a "Splotch" was used on screen.

I noticed the "Casey Grab Mask" has distinct dents on the (stage) left temple that also appear on an allegedly screen used mask.

While some would have used these marks to assume it's the same mask, I decided to compare other mid-90s Splotch masks and discovered they all have the same dents. Check out the (stage) left temple dents on these copies:

Photo by Douglas Little of Drowned Boy Productions.

I knew it was possible Splotch was used in Scream, but this is the first actual evidence that may substantiate the theory. Many have recklessly assigned masks from the movie, like the "Window Scene" mask, as Splotch. Though that opinion is waning, it does appear to be a different mask with gloss paint (unlike Splotch masks, which have matte paint) and a taped over mouth. I and many maintain the belief that the window scene mask is Gen 1.


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