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The Glow Challenge

The Glow Challenge is a new tradition in the Fun Tyme community that emerges from collectors hunting the complete collection of shrouded characters from the Ghost, Skull, Phantom, and Ghoul assortments. With more people participating every year, we've created a downloadable score card and highlighted the achievers below.

The first collector to ever assemble a full collection of Ghosts, Skulls, Phantoms, and Ghouls was Chris Katros. While most were focused on the ghost masks, Chris's collection impressively surveyed a wide array of characters. While Chris's (MK) stamped 'Alien' phantom precludes him from the ranked achievement, his accomplishment deserves esteemed acknowledgement in the history of Fun World collecting. His efforts inspired others, including ourselves, to pursue a complete shrouded glow set which is why we attribute Chris as the godfather of The Glow Challenge.


The Ranked Achievement

We honor the collectors who have completed The Glow Challenge to the highest standards with a numerical ranking and pinned post in our Facebook group. It is an immense accomplishment that requires great dedication to the most historically significant vintage mask qualities from the original era and run for each character. Though cotton shroud era characters are required for this challenge, polyester era characters (Viper, Fang, Steve, Grim, Open-Mouth) are acknowledged as a bonus achievement. The guidelines to earn a rank are as follows:

  • Ghosts must be Gen 1 or Spotch

  • Shrouds must be cotton

  • Bonus masks must glow-in-dark

  • Stamps must be standard (no MK or HN factory variants)

  • Masks must be authentic and original (no replica cotton shrouds)

#1 - Wade Elibon - January 23, 2023 (*Bonus - September 16, 2023)

"Here is my complete fleet of black cotton shroud glow-in-dark Fun World masks from 1992-1997. Every character from the Ghost, Skull, Phantom, and Ghoul line accounted for. This is the first time they have been fully assembled as what would have come on Fantastic Faces header cards. As an admin, collector, and nostalgic this is a proud achievement for me."

#2 - Jo Nobile - August 31, 2023 (*Bonus - September 15, 2023)

"Look at those fantastic faces… They’re all here! Every cotton-shrouded-character made from 1992 - 1997. When I started collecting vintage Fun World years ago, I never could have imagined what it would become. It’s been a journey."

#3 - Darian Gondola - February 24, 2024

"It wasn't my intention from the beginning, but here we are: the complete glow-in-dark black cotton shroud assortments of the 90s (The Glow Challenge). I'm so happy to finally complete this fantastic and funny challenge. I love these masks, and once I started collecting them I wasn't able to stop myself from continuing to find new ones for my collection. A huge thank you to this community that help me to find and buy masks. A special thanks to Jo, without his help I could never imagine getting all of these masks, that were never sold in Europe where i live."


We showcase and acknowledge all members who have completed The Glow Challenge outside of the quality standards required to earn a rank. We celebrate the diligence of those who have amassed this wonderful collection of all eras and qualities. The guidelines to be showcased below are as follows:

  • Masks may be any mold type

  • Vinyl may be glow or non-glow white

  • Shrouds may be cotton, polyester, or alternative (i.e. All-in-One, Droop Collar, or Instant Disguise)

  • Masks must be authentic vintage masks


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