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The Ghost Challenge

The Ghost Challenge is a tradition in the Fun Tyme community to celebrate the original four ghost designs ('Silly', 'Weeping', 'Goofy', and 'Happy') through complete collections of #9206 - Glow and #9207 - Fluorescent masks. With more collectors participating every year, we've outlined parameters for ranking in this impressive feat below.

The Ranked Achievement

We honor collectors who have completed the challenge to the highest standard with a numerical ranking and pinned post in our Facebook group. It is an immense accomplishment that requires great dedication to the most historically significant vintage mask qualities from the original era and run. The guidelines for the ranked achievement are as follows:

  • Molds must be Gen 1 or Splotch

  • Shrouds must be cotton

  • Fluorescents must have no-eyeliner

  • Masks must be authentic and original (no replica white shrouds or removed eyeliner)

#1 - Douglas Little - March 6, 2018

The Ghost Challenge was first accomplished by Douglas Little of Drowned Boy Productions. His YouTube channel and collection chronical many vintage Fun World & Scream masks. His videos regularly showcase new acquisitions of rare and impressive pieces, liked tagged masks and screen used items. He was the first collector to assemble the original four ghost designs in all of their 9206 and 9207 variations, making him the godfather of this challenge.

#2 - Wade Elibon - June 19, 2021 Here is my complete collection of glow-in-the-dark & fluorescent cotton shrouded original 4 ghost designs ('Weeping', 'Happy', 'Goofy', and 'Silly')! I am the second collector to fulfill this set. The first was Douglas Little, who's YouTube channel helped inspire me when I first got back into collecting Fun World masks. I grew up loving these masks as a kid in the 90s, but I never could have imagined getting into them as an adult or finding a community who shares an interest in them. Thank you everyone who's supported this journey! (All tags are replicas)

#3 - Chris Katros - August 20, 2021

This group was quite the grind but I’m insanely stoked to have this set completed alongside Wade and Douglas and Jo (pretty much)! Every single Fantastic Faces ghost from the early 90s 9206/9207 line for the exception of the white shroud Melty & Grinning Ghost(only one real copy of each known to be surfaced). Oddly enough this is personally one of my proudest accomplishments, I never thought looking for one gen 1 mask would end up like this.

#4 - Jo Nobile - February 27, 2022 ...oOoOooooo! The entire early Fantastic Faces #9206 and #9207 collection! I'm proud to say I am the *fourth *person to have assembled this collection in it's entirety. All early cotton shroud masks, all first generation, and all in excellent condition. Thanks to all who have helped me assemble this incredible set. I hope this inspires others to collect these incredible masks!

#5 - John Louis - March 11, 2022 I am now the fifth person to complete the entire early Fantastic Faces #9206 and #9207 assortments of ghosts! Never thought I can accomplish such a goal, and to do so has got me extremely happy! Big thanks to everyone who has helped me out in accomplishing such a feat! Really couldn’t have done it without you guys.

#6 - Caleb Durham - November 25, 2022 I’m very happy to post today that I am now officially the 6th person to ever complete the entire set of 1st Generation Fantastic Faces ghosts! HUGE thank you to Chris Katros, William Edward, Tyler Craig, Wade Elibon, and everyone else who helped me along this journey! This is one of the greatest achievements in my collecting life.

#7 - Jack Ashton - December 15, 2022 Well, the moment's arrived -- to share my complete set of first-generation, no-eyeliner, cotton-shroud #9206 & #9207 ghost masks! I'm honored to be the 7th collector to have accomplished this feat, and feel incredibly lucky to maintain one of only a handful of complete collections out there right now. Starting back in January, I never could have imagined just how much these ghosts would end up haunting me throughout the year! Many thanks to the incredible people I've met along the way: Without you, this would have been impossible. I came to this hobby primarily from an aesthetic interest in the ghost mask designs, but since then I've learned so much about so many subjects, all springing from a common interest in these fantastic objects. Good luck to the next collector. (Tag is a replica)

#8 - Darian Gondola - September 16, 2023 Here's my complete original ghost set! I'm so happy to be the official 8th person to complete this beautiful vintage set. Whitout the help of the other collectors i couldn't even imagine to complete this set, so thank you guys, especially Jo, Wade, William, and Caleb that helped me a lot to achieve this beautiful goal. Thank you guys!! Oh and i guess i was the first out of the States to complete the set.


The Celebration Achievement

We would like to acknowledge members who have also completed The Ghost Challenge outside of the quality standards required to earn a ranking. We celebrate the dilligence of those who have amassed this wonderful collection of all eras and qualities. The guidelines for the celebration achievement are as follows:

  • Masks may be any mold type

  • Shrouds may be cotton, polyester, or alternative (i.e. All-in-One, Droop Collar, or Instant Disguise)

  • Fluorescents may have eyeliner

  • Masks must be authentic and original (no replica white shrouds or color painted masks)

Wesley DeNoon

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