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Role Play Exercise Results

We hosted a fun exercise in our Facebook community asking members to design costumes for Halloween if they had traveled back to the 90s for one night of fright. I photoshopped their answers into environments. Check out our contributions from Wade Elibon, Jo Nobile, John Louis, Tyler Niezgucki, Nathan Stafford, David Tovar, Ryan Hills, Douglas Little, Marvin J Williams, Chris Katros, Mikey Aspinwall, Russell Pompa, Joshua Cain Crowe, Fantome Blanc, Colton Hecht, Caleb Durham, Jon Plonski, and Jack Ashton. (not pictured in order)

You and some mask friends travel back in time to Halloween's past. You go to a local costume shop to gear up for the evening festivities. It's fully stocked with all your favorite Fun World masks!
1) What mask do you pick? 2) What costume do you pair with it? 3) What accessories or weapons do you yield?
Value does not matter, you do not get to keep anything. You wake up the next morning like it was all a distant dream.

Updated August 2, 2022.


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