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Rare Finds: White Shroud 'Melty' Ghost

Another authentic white shroud 'Melty' ghost has finally appeared! This is the second copy to surface in collector's hands. This beauty is owned by Darian Gondola, who sent it to me for a mild cleaning. When Darian showed me he purchased this from eBay, I was in shock. It's in excellent condition. This mask is from the HN factory and features the typical identifiers of an HN mask: an 'H' marking under the chin, and rectangular mesh. We believe white shroud masks were discontinued in 1995, the same year the 'Melty' and 'Grinning' ghosts were added to the catalog, making these exceptionally rare transitionary items.

Thank you Darian for sending me this mask! I can't wait to get this back to you.


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