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Rare Finds: 'Lovey Tate' Ghost Maker

It finally happened – a collector has acquired an original Alterian Ghost Factory Ghost Maker mask! Here is a 'Lovey Tate' found by Caleb Durham on eBay. It is the only Ghost Maker in collector hands at this time. Loren Gitthens, the designer of the product, has a 'Screech' in his possession.

Additional photos from eBay:

As many know, the 'Lovey Tate' is the precursor for Fun World's 'Silly' ghost design. Here they are next to eachother, and more photos from Caleb.

Today, I received a very rare and special piece, one that I think everyone will enjoy seeing. This is an original Alterian Ghost Factory “Lovey Tate”! It's the first Ghostmaker to ever surface, beyond the "Screech" Loren Gitthens kept. I did a double-take when I first saw the listing. As many of you know, this mask was the precursor for the Fun World “Silly” ghost, making it quite a historical piece! It’s so cool to finally see one of these surface, and I really hope more of them will pop up in the future. - Caleb Durham

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