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Mask Making Terminology

Here are some useful mask making and production terms to understand conversations about different molds and masks.

( + ) = positive impression

( - ) = negative impression

Sculpt: a clay sculpture made by an artist. This is the first step and highest determiner of what the mask will look like. (+)

Master Mold: a mold made over the clay sculpture. This could be plaster, silicone, or other materials. The purpose of a master mold is to make master copies from. (-)

Master Copy: cast from the master mold. This is a positive impression that can be molded several times for production molds. Sometimes they are made of wax, urethane, rubber, or clay. (+)

Production Molds: production molds for vinyl mask making are metal. It's a negative impression that liquid vinyl can be poured into to cast faces. (-)

Casting: liquid vinyl is poured into the metal production mold to make casts. Castings are the final vinyl face that will be cut, painted, and sewed onto a shroud. (+)

In practice:

- The MK RDS and MK Squinty are two different sculpts.

- Gen 1 and Gen 2 derive from the same sculpt. because of the master copy they came from. They are the same sculpt.

- The castings of earlier Gen 1s are thick and firm, but the 'castings' of later Gen 1s are thin and flimsy.

- The Ultrawhite sculpt is not as good as the EU stamp sculpt.

Original Fun World Div / Easter Unlimited metal molds for the "EU Stamp" Ghost Face Mask.


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