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Mask Making Terminology

Since there aren't many creators in the Scream community, I've noticed many people confuse some basic terminology. For instance what we own aren't "molds", they're "casts". What makes each mask type different is the "sculpt" it started with. Here are some key terms to describe the process.

Original Fun World Div / Easter Unlimited metal molds for the "EU Stamp" Ghost Face Mask.

(+) = positive impression

(-) = negative impression

Sculpt: a clay sculpture made by an artist. This is the first step and highest determiner of what the mask will look like. (+)

Master Mold: a mold made over the clay sculpture. This could be plaster, silicone, or other materials. The purpose of a master mold is to make master copies from. (-)

Master Copy: cast from the master mold. This is a positive impression that can be molded several times for production molds. Sometimes they are made of wax, urethane, rubber, or clay. (+)

Production Mold: production molds for vinyl mask making are metal. It's a negative impression that liquid vinyl can be poured into to cast faces. (-)

Cast: liquid vinyl is poured into the metal production mold to make casts. Castings are the final vinyl face that will be cut, painted, and sewed onto a shroud. (+)

In practice:

- The MK RDS and MK Squinty are two different 'sculpts'.

- The Gen 1 is different from the Gen 2 because of the master copy they came from. They are the same sculpt.

- The 'castings' of earlier Gen 1s are thick and firm, but the 'castings' of later Gen 1s are thin and flimsy.

- The Ultrawhite 'sculpt' is not as good as the EU stamp 'sculpt'.

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