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Gen 1 'Weeping' Ghost Types

When posting a Gen 1, I'm often asked what "type", usually meaning the mouth defect. I've tried to emphasize over the years that the blemish in the mouth does not change the type, and is simply a way to help identify Gen 1 masks. I'd like to show what we acknowledge as 'types'.

  • EARLY 90s: Made from 1992 - 1994, these masks are often cast in thick and durable vinyl. They have noticeably larger nose and eye paint, and feature the classic flat nose shape.

  • MID-90s: Made from 1995 - 1996, these masks are a bit more flexible vinyl, with tighter paint stencils giving smaller eyes and noses. *The masks used in Scream (1996) were of this era, cast in particularly flimsy and translucent vinyl.

  • '97: Made in 1997, these masks stand out for having even smaller eye paint and tiny heart-shaped noses with cotton shrouds.

  • POLY SHROUD: We believe poly shroud masks began production in the latter half of 1997, transitioning to the Fearsome Faces branded ghost masks. These were the first to have polyester shrouds, and featured a variety of nose shapes.

We've come to this chronology through extensive research surveying hundreds of masks, vintage photos and videos, and advertisements from the 90's. For more information on the early Fun World Div stamped masks, visit our comprehensive guide.


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