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While our previous pages cover masks that are the most commonly collected, we would like to highlight interesting items that survey the expanses of Fun World's historic Halloween offerings.


The #8918 - Glow-in-Dark Ghoul Mask with Shroud was launched in 1997. This was the final year cotton shrouds were manufactured by Fun World, making cotton shrouded versions exceptionally rare. They originally came on pink 'party orb' header cards labeled Fantastic Faces, and switched to the new 'bat & moon' aesthetic Fearsome Faces tags In 1998. Polyester shrouded masks from this product are equally rare.

#8918 - Glow in Dark Ghoul Mask with Shroud assortment.


The 'Ghoul' was used on the #8919 - Glow in the Dark Mask with Droop Collar. Though the ghouls were retired fairly quickly after it's creation, The 'Ghoul' was continued through other products throughout the 2000s like the #8517 - Crypt Creature.

Products featuring the 'Tri-Mouth' ghoul character.

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