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What is a 'Fearsome Faces' Mask? - Why Masks Are Not Their Tag

Getting right to it: Fearsome Faces is NOT a mask.

Like Fantastic Faces, this is a generic header card Fun World used to brand a huge variety of masks and characters over the decades- even used in some capacity today. What many use to refer to as the “Fearsome” mask is the Gen 2 with polyester shroud. However, this mask was not just marketed on Fearsome Faces tags, but three different header cards (purple ASIS and black ASIS) during the late 90s. The Gen 2 mold has been used on a huge variety of products with different shrouds, costumes, colors, and hoods. Of the over 16 different products, only two actually feature the Fearsome Faces tag.

While tags can sometimes be a relative indicator of era, this is not always the case. One example is the poly shroud fluorescent mask we also hear called a “Fearsome”. These never actually came on “Fearsome” tags, but a unique “Fantastic” tag with the new bat & moon style developed for the late 90s. For other ghosts, people sometimes use the qualifier "Fearsome" to incorrectly describe a polyester shrouded mask. Though we have never found a cloth shroud Gen 2 on a Fearsome tag we have seen plenty of Phantoms, Skulls, Demons, Aliens, and (MK) stamped Ghosts- including the 'RDS'.

Ultimately, tag is not an accurate descriptor and there is no one single Fearsome Faces mask. I’d like to stress the point that these masks are not their tag. The tag is a general trademarked phrase used to brand hundreds of different masks for retail. The mask often called the "Fearsome Faces" was seen on black and purple SCREAM tags as well. Here are 6 'Ghostface' masks that came on Fearsome Faces header cards.

(some pictures used from Ghostface.co.uk)

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