• Douglas

The Results Are In!

From admin Wade:

Thank you everyone who contributed to our fundraiser raffle! It was a lot of fun for us, and a great way to meet our goal. We had 29 contributors, and a total of 119 raffle tickets entered into the contest. A huge thanks to Douglas Little at Drowned Boy Productions for live streaming the raffle results. Thanks to you all, our site is now live!

RESULTS: 10. Vintage Fun World "Scream Stalker" Robe & Glow Knife (Joshua Cain Crowe)

9. Vintage Fun World Pumpkin Safety Light (Jamil Ahmed)

8. Ghostface Scarecrow Mask
 (Tyler Daly)

7. Ghostface Scarecrow Mask
 (Davide Spaccesi)

6. Polyester Shroud "Silly" Ghost Mask (Ghosty Russ)

5. Polyester Shroud "Happy" Ghost Mask (Steve Berryman)

4. Cotton Shroud "Happy" Ghost Mask (Brandon Cisneros)

3. "The Woodsborough Murders" Book Sleeve by Ryan Hills (Chris Katros)

2. "It's Fun Tyme" Art Print by Douglas Little 
(Jamil Ahmed)

1. Custom STAB Tagged EU Stamp Ghostface Mask by Ryan Hills (Mikey Aspinwall)