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Scream Mask Suggested Price Guide

Price gouging and hijacked auctions have been disruptive by bad faith actors trying to capitalize on the hype and popularity of rare Scream & Ghost Face items. With so many different masks to learn buyers are often preyed on, and in many cases, the ignorance of the seller simply leaves them unfounded and overpriced sitting endlessly in eBay purgatory.

I created this primer based on my regular monitoring of the market value for all and various mask types. I hope this guide can be resourceful for new members and help combat misinformation or predatory sales. Please take the time to look for patterns and make your own judgements. eBay can be somewhat of a "wild west" with rampant overpricing, but a majority of sellers are flippers outside of our community who don't do research or know what or how their item is valued. There is a difference between uneducated sellers and "price gougers". For the sake of this introductory guide I'm using the premise that a mask is untagged and in good condition. Many masks vary in demand depending if they were featured in a film, come from a rare mold, or feature a desirable rare sculpt. I tried to take all market conditions into account when making my assessment. This list does not include every variant or style (fluorescents, white shrouds, etc), but the standard black shroud masks one will commonly come across.

Some tips & advice:

  • Learn the various sculpts, stamps, variants, and production styles

  • Ask a community leader or friend before purchasing if you are unsure

  • Be careful competing with 'shill bidders' and auction hijackers (sock accounts with low feedback who hike prices with no intention of paying)

  • If you see a mask you like but can't afford, try to negotiate a price down (many times a seller will be a flipper who doesn't know what their mask is or the value).

What reasons should a mask cost MORE than my guide?

  • Mint condition; very clean white face and nice shroud

  • Original header card is attached

  • Specific movie accurate style paint, quality, or frame

  • Beautiful face

What reasons should a mask cost LESS than my guide?

  • Damage; yellowing, discoloration, stains, cut out pieces on face, rips and tears

  • Bad odor

  • Visible writing in marker or pen (inside or outside)

  • Poor paint quality

  • Alterations; re-shrouded, re-painted, or re-tagged

  • Bib style (not full shroud)

  • Warped, or distorted face

FWD Gen 1 (cotton) $700 - 1000

FWD Gen 1 (poly) $600

FWD Gen 2 (cotton) $500

FWD Gen 2 (poly) $300

FWD Splotch $550 - 750

FWD HN (cotton) $350

EU ‘MK’ RDS (cotton) $330

EU ‘MK’ RDS (poly) $230

FWD Oddball 1 $75

FWD Oddball 2 $140

EU ‘MK’ Look-A-Like $80

EU ‘MK’ Squinty $75

‘E.U.’ T Stamp $90 - 125

EU T Stamp $60

EU (HN) Carved Stamp $70

EU (HN) Typed Stamp $85

EU (N) Stamp $155 EU Stamp $55 - 85 (depending on era and style)

EU 'TD' Stamp (glow) $110

EU 'TD' Stamp (non-glow) $75

EU 'Raised Stamp' $80

Ultrawhite 'No Stamp' $5

Last updated November 12, 2023.

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