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Scream 2 (1997) Style Masks

The term 'Scream 2 production mask' is being thrown around too much for comfort. "Production" has strict connotations, usually shorthand for 'production used' or 'production made'. We need to be careful with this kind of language because some collectors seem to believe their masks were actually on set. Many assumptions were made about these masks, from calling them a custom batch to naming them 'pro-Fearsomes'. We now know this isn't true.

There's also a misconception that Gen 2 with brown stains must be from the movie, because one or two of the masks from set have browned glue today. As collectors know, many of the masks from the late 90s have browned glue stains from aging, including the other ghosts, skulls, and phantoms made by Fun World. They also have floppy vinyl and highlighter yellow stains (possibly caused by the glow pigment not mixing properly in the vinyl).

So lets use 'Scream 2 style' instead. It takes the burden of misinformation off and still communicates that it's the same style mask seen on screen.

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