• Wade

Let's Talk About 'ASIS' - Why Masks Are Not Their Tag

Getting right to it: ASIS is NOT a mask.

Like Fantastic Faces and Fearsome Faces, "As Seen in the Motion Picture Scream" is featured on an extremely wide array of Fun World products. From masks, costumes, knives, props, candles, decorations, etc there is no single "ASIS" item. It is a generic branding graphic Fun World placed on ALL of their licensed Scream products and is continually used today - even on Ultrawhites!

97 ASIS is incorrectly used to refer to the Scream 3 era EU stamped 'peanut-eyed' ghost mask because of its iconic purple Scream branded tag. This late 90s tag delineated from the new 'bat & moon' aesthetic but introduced SCREAM themed merchandising to Fun Worlds new masks. However, as many have pointed out, the very same purple/magenta tags were featured on more than TEN DIFFERENT GHOSTFACE SCULPTS (Gen 2, EU, RDS, various MKs, N, both T, both HN, etc). Thus, there is no 1 ASIS mask.

The 97 number comes from the Miramax copyright listed on the graphic. No, this Easter Unlimited stamped mask did not come out in 1997 - the same year the Fearsome Faces tagged Gen 2 masks were distributed - but likely in 1998. Today you can still find the very same "1997 Mirimax Film Corp All Rights Reserved" used on EVERY and ALL Fun World Ghostface masks and merchandise.

Just another example of why masks 'are not their tag'. We are always finding new ways to identify masks more accurately, and with new observations I hope we can abolish the practice of using tag names as titles. There are numerous examples of why using header cards is not a useful qualifier anymore.

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