• Wade

Gen 1 and 2 are... the Same?

Now that I have your attention with my click bait headline, I want to draw attention to a little known fact.

The Gen 1, Gen 2, HN, and Splotch masks all derive from the same original clay sculpture.

Identical imperfections demonstrate that the first four 'Peanut-Eyed' ghost mask types are directly related. While fans may think the masks look quite different, those differences do not quite come from the sculpture- but other traits that give them their unique character.

Primarily, the different "looks" of these four mask types come from the paint stencils, sewing, and distortions in the face. While they derive from the same original sculpt, the master copies used to create the production molds may have been treated differently. How they were mounted or stuffed before molding had an effect on the overall form of each type, distorting and pulling certain areas of the face.

So are they "the same"? Not exactly. On such a minimalist mask, subtle differences can make a world of difference. Since Ghost Face masks have become highly collectible (and expensive), these differences are greatly important and can change a mask's relevance to the film franchise and value considerably.

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