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Collector Highlight #5 William Edward

1 ) When did you get into Fun World collecting and what was your first mask?

My parents and grandmother made Halloween a big deal for me when I was little. I believe around 4 years old I got the bleeding ‘Skull’ mask and costume. After age 14 I took a break from mask collecting and started focusing on guitar. Around mid 2020, I found myself collecting Texas Chainsaw Massacre masks. By early 2021, I found Fun World masks through YouTube accounts like AlexProductions and JohnysCollection.

2 ) What are three of your favorite pieces from your collection currently?

White Shroud ‘Happy’ Ghost, ’Vampire Zombie’ Demon, and Orange ‘Goofy' Ghost.

3 ) What is a piece you dream of adding to your collection?

A white shroud ‘Grinning Skull’ ghost. Something about that mask is so cartoon like.

4 ) Many collectors come to Fun Tyme from their childhood Halloween nostalgia. Do you have any early memories of Fun World to share?

I remember my mom taking me to Rite Aid in 2002 and going through the Halloween section. I picked out the bleeding ‘Skull’ mask and costume. Throughout that season, I also acquired the bleeding ‘Ghost Face’ and Scary Movie ‘Wassup' spoof mask.

5 ) Who is your favorite Fun World character?

‘Vampire Zombie’ Demon. Ever since I saw a photo of the mask last year I have been captivated

by the demon mask series.

6 ) Do you have other hobbies or collections?

I have been playing electric guitar for 10 years. I mainly collect vintage halloween decorations, but I also have a small TCM mask collection.

7 ) What is a mask you are sad you let go?

Orange ‘Happy’ ghost cotton shroud. I had two and sold them.

8 ) Do you have anything you want to plug or shout out?

I’d like to thank Wade and Jo for teaching me so much about Fun World’s products. Also all the collectors who helped inspire me and sold me masks. (Kyle Lewis, Colton Hecht, Wesley DeNoon, John Louis, Sid Pardo, Russell Pompa, Tyler Niezgucki, and many others).


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