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Collector Highlight #3 Wesley DeNoon

1 ) When did you get into Fun World collecting and what was your first mask?

I got into collecting Fun World about two years ago! I was inspired by my friend Douglas Little at Drowned Boy Productions. My first Fun World piece was a black shroud ‘Goofy’ ghost.

2 ) What are three of your favorite pieces from your collection currently?

Three favorites of mine are my pink ‘Silly’, green ‘Silly’, and white shroud ‘Goofy’!

3 ) What is a piece you dream of adding to your collection?

A piece I dream of adding to my collection would have to be pink ‘Goofy’.

4 ) Many collectors come to Fun Tyme from their childhood Halloween nostalgia. Do you have any early memories of Fun World to share? An early memory I have that gives me childhood nostalgia is when I was younger, about 6 or 7. My local drug store would always have Fun World masks! Every year I would pick up a Scream costume. I can remember the smell of vanilla.

5 ) Who is your favorite Fun World character?

My favorite Fun World character right now would have to be the ‘Goofy’ ghost, but it always switches between ‘Silly’ and ‘Goofy’ for me.

6 ) Do you have other hobbies or collections?

Some other collections I have are my Myers mask collection, Friday the 13th collection, and a small “That 70s Show” collection!

7 ) What is a mask you are sad you let go?

I don’t have any masks that I had to let go so I will tell you about a mask I was happy to let go! I gave my friend Will a Fearsome tagged ‘Happy’ ghost to help him grow his tagged collection.

8 ) Do you have anything you want to plug or shout out?

I just want to shout out all the good friends I have made in the community! Wade, Will, Douglas, John Louis and anyone else I’ve missed! You guys are awesome!


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