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Busting a Gen 2 Myth

I want to dispel a myth about Gen 2 'Weeping' ghost masks. We often hear "the Gen 1 mold broke, forcing Fun World to masterfully replicate a new sculpture to replace it". Chronologically, this is impossible. Gen 1s and 2s are both found on cotton shrouds (with Fantastic tags) and poly shrouds (with Fearsome tags), which shows they were both produced simultaneously for a period fo time.

The Gen 2 isn't "refined" or "resculpted". It has matching imperfections and markings the Gen 1 has, demonstrating its molded from the same source. What gives Gen 2s their unique look is often the paintwork (heart shaped nose, straight stenciled eyes) and the sewing work (deep jaw castings with exposed perimeter lines). Otherwise, they're reasonably identical underneath. Gen 2s do seem more wonky and misshapen from how it was mounted during the molding process.

We also know there wasn't just one Gen 1 mold, but at least three. If one broke there'd still be others for production. Gen 2's didn't "replace" Gen 1s because for a few years time they were made simultaneously. So what is "Gen 2"? Probably just another set of molds Fun World put out to increase supply of their ghost masks during the success of Scream.

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