• Wade

Another Completed Set!

Chris Katros is a collector who joined our community not too long ago, but quickly gained an appreciation and passion for vintage Fun World masks. We congratulate him on completing what we often call the "full set" of original ghosts (peanut-eyed, goofy, happy, silly), to which we normally mean the #9206 - Glow in the Dark Mask with Shroud (black and white shrouds) and #9207 - Fluorescent Ghost Mask with Shroud line up. Chris' dedication has yielded him an excellent collection of some of the most rare and sought after masks in the community. His collection spans a large variety of Fun World's 90s catalog, among many other high end horror masks, props, and busts. You can follow him on instagram at @doctorkatros

Chris is the third collector in our community to achieve this feat, joining Douglas Little and Wade Nobile.