The goofy ghost was one of the first featured designs in the original #9206 - Glow in the Dark Ghost Mask with Shroud line up. It was released in 1992 in soft pvc on black shrouds and white cotton shrouds. It's buck-toothed grimace and bulbed nose differentiate it from other styles. After the initial success of the masks, Fun World expanded with the same line now offered in exciting fluorescent colors (green, orange, pink) that glow under black light (#9207). It could also be found with a sewn on gown costume for item #9223 - All-in-One Ghost Mask & Gown Costume seen with a painted over white face by the factory. These original masks came on Fantastic Faces header cards which featured a pink gradient and colorful party orbs.

In the late 90s, the mask was continued in the #9207 'Fluorescent' line, now dawning stretchier polyester shrouds and a more Halloween themed header card with Fun World's new 'bat & moon' aesthetic featuring the same Fantastic Faces trademark. It was also continued in the 'Mask & Cape' line with a similarly styled tag in white non-glow soft pvc, no longer painted. Masks from this era excites many who remember the scented additive that gave them a particular vanilla aroma. Unlike the other designs, the glow goofy ghost has not been found on a Fearsome Faces tag with a standard polyester shroud, except for a lesser produced alternative sculpt featuring an "Easter Unlimited Inc (MK)" stamp under the chin.

The design was phased out in the early 2000s.

*Some fans incorrectly refer to this mask as "Sarah Spook" for its resemblance to the Alterian Ghost Factory Ghost Maker 'Lil Sara Spook'. While derivative, these designs are different. Alterian's mask is more of a cute childlike character with single tooth, while Fun World's is more of a grimace with two buckteeth. We choose to identify with the names given by their original designer, Brigitte Sleiertin-Linden.