Less is known about the shrouded ghouls in the #8918 - Glow-in-the-Dark Demon Mask with Shroud assortment. They feature horrored expressions with purple airbrushing for shadow and contrast. We belielve they first surfaced in 1997, and have been found on both cotton (with Fantastic Faces header cards) and polyester shrouds (with Fearsome Faces header cards). Their names come to us from their designer, Brigitte Sleiertin-Linden. The 'Ghoul' Demon was also used in the #8919 - Glow in the Dark Mask with Droop Collar and #9219 - Instant Disguise Mask & Cape items.


'Tragedy' Demon

'Vampire Zombie' Demon

Fanged Ghoul.jpg

'Ghoul' Demon

'Fanged Ghoul' Demon